Welcome to Squirrel Trench Audio

Announcing Squirrel Trench Audio – a company that expressly creates perfect music edits for all kinds of dance routines, including jazz, tap, contemporary, lyrical, character, acro, hip hop, modern, and musical theater.

The time, effort, and energy you put into dance routine deserves fantastic, seamless music. We’d love to take your favorite song and make it the perfect length for you to express your moves with. In competition, the judges want your routine to be tight— we know how to edit the music to fit dance-routine length. We employ sweet, melty edits so that no one will be able tell that the song hadn’t been performed that way originally.

Too many home-made edits leave a nasty scar (aka a squirrel trench) on the music— don’t let a musical hiccup take the judges out of the moment— when you need it done right, email Squirrel Trench Audio!

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