Dance teachers on twitter

In addition to remixing music for competitive dance routines, the Squirrel also happens to be an innovator in social media. In my other life, I am the CEO of, and online community that was launched in 2001, several years before Facebook was even an idea.

This blog post is the start of a new resource: Dance teachers connecting with each other, and we’ll start with twitter.

If you are a dance teacher, here are two lists of fellow dance teachers:

That’s a total of 166 other dance teachers to communicate with! And that’s just the start!

If you are a dance teacher and you’re not on either of these lists, then by all means, send a tweet directed @danceadvantage and @DancesToGo to ask to be included. Let’s see if we can fill both of these lists with 500 dance teachers across the nation and the world! If you know of any other excellent lists of dance teachers, please write it as a comment!

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