Editing karaoke songs to recital or competition length

In addition to editing songs for use in dance competition and recitals, Squirrel Trench Audio also provides editing for competition or recital length for karaoke songs. These songs are typically used for students who perform in the vocal portion of a competition, or display their singing skills at recitals. For vocal competition, we usually edit songs so that they wind up in the 2:20-2:40 range, and recitals often require that songs be no more than 2:00. No matter what the time requirements are, we provide not only the edited karaoke track, but also a reference track with guide vocal so that the student can both hear it sung on key, and also practice singing it exactly as it will be played in competition or recital. In a certain sense, karaoke edits are two-for-one! And as if all of there weren’t enough, I will also create a PDF of the lyrics!

Shoot me an email if you need a karaoke version of a song edited correctly to competition or recital length! And best of all, you get the reference version, the karaoke version and a PDF of the lyrics, all for only $39! Bargain!

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