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Dance competition length songs

Today, this site received several hits from people searching for “dance competition length songs.” So perhaps a bit of explanation is needed if you are new to the world of dance competitions.

Most dance competitions have a time limit for routines. For most studios and competitions, the maximum length is three minutes exactly. However, other studios or competitions might have a 2:30-minute time maximum, and some recitals have a two-minute duration maximum.

So how do you find great dance songs for competition if most songs are 3:30 or longer? How is it that Lady Gaga’s Pokerface is 3:57, yet this song has been used by countless competition dancers?

The answer is in editing. A skillful music editor can cut parts out of a song, and make it seamless to the listener by using a few professional skills. A good music editor can do this by understanding and analyzing song structure, making edits at zero-crossing points, using crossfades, and adding reverb where necessary. Sometimes a verse and/or chorus can be cut out, other times a long intro can be shortened. In still other cases, repeated sections can be cut out. Sometimes all of these things need to be performed in order to make the song optimal for a dance routine. Knowing EXACTLY where and when to cut out parts of a song is a skill that takes years of music knowledge and experience to do well.

So the next time you hear a song that would be fantastic for your next competition routine, but find out that the song is four minutes long, don’t despair! Just let me know what song you want, and I will edit it down to competition length for you! Check out my services here.

If you limit your song choices to only songs that are less than three minutes long, you are limiting yourself to a tiny fraction of the great songs that can be used for dance! So don’t make your choice based on the length of the song. Choose the song you want, and then have a professional edit it to the right length for the dance routine.

Competition season is upon us!

Competition season is just about to get underway! (or maybe it already has for you!). Now’s a great time to listen to your songs with a fresh perspective and see if there are any squirrel trenches in there that could take the judges out of the moment from fully appreciating your dance routine. If you have one or two in your song, send it to us at Squirrel Trench Audio. In most cases we can create a smooth and seamless song without changing the timing of your originally edited version. We know that now is NOT the time to be messing with re-choreographing….. your dance is your dance at this stage of the year. Just know that it’s not too late to fix it!

And knowing that budgets are tight and entry fees need to be paid… we’re running a special discount… the next three songs we receive to fix up and make perfect for competition will only be $30 for the editing! (Songs delivered online; CDs extra)

Welcome to Squirrel Trench Audio

Announcing Squirrel Trench Audio – a company that expressly creates perfect music edits for all kinds of dance routines, including jazz, tap, contemporary, lyrical, character, acro, hip hop, modern, and musical theater.

The time, effort, and energy you put into dance routine deserves fantastic, seamless music. We’d love to take your favorite song and make it the perfect length for you to express your moves with. In competition, the judges want your routine to be tight— we know how to edit the music to fit dance-routine length. We employ sweet, melty edits so that no one will be able tell that the song hadn’t been performed that way originally.

Too many home-made edits leave a nasty scar (aka a squirrel trench) on the music— don’t let a musical hiccup take the judges out of the moment— when you need it done right, email Squirrel Trench Audio!