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Songs for tap dance routines

Below are some music ideas for your next masterpiece of tap choreography. These will work for competition or recital. If you have other great song ideas, leave them in the comments below and I’ll add ’em! If you want to use any of these songs and need them edited perfectly for competition, we’d love to serve it up for you. Also, we have song suggestions for JazzContemporaryLyricalMusical Theater, and Kid Friendly Hip Hop. And here are even more songs for tap, and Songs for Tap, Part 2 and Part 3.

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Upside Down – Jack Johnson

Man with the Hex – Blue Babies
Man with the Hex – The Atomic Fireballs

We Speak No Americano (Mafia Boys Mix) – Yolanda Be Cool

Drive My Car – Bobby McFerrin

Showbiz – Mike Stern

Mr. Success – The Hit Co.

Creep – Richard Cheese

Jungle Drum – Emilliana Torrini

Mr. Pinstripe Suit (live) – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Need any of these songs edited? Let me know.

Find even more tap songs here, and Songs for Tap, Part 2 and Part 3.

Songs hoping to be danced

Fire on the BayouOccasionally I will come across a song that has such a great groove, I’ll buy it and edit it down to dance length because I just KNOW someone will want it. I call this category of song “Songs hoping to be danced.” So here are the latest four songs hoping to get danced:

The Meters – Cissy Strut
Taio Cruz featuring Kylie Minogue – Higher
Mike Stern – Showbiz
The Meters – Fire on the Bayou

I discovered The Meters because Public Radio’s Marketplace used a segment of Cissy Strut in between news stories. Since I was in my car when I heard it, and did not have time to fire up the Shazam app on my iPhone, I would have never been able to find out the name of the song. But fortunately, Public Radio lists all song interludes used in each episode. So I was able to use MarketPlace’s web site to look it up online. Turns out this one is from 1969. I had never heard of The Meters, but this cajun funk band had two of the Neville brothers in it.