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How to find fantastic music that isn’t overused

Happy-New-Years-Fireworks-2014-WallpaperFor all the dancers going to Nationals in the next few weeks, break a leg! I know some studios have already finished their Nationals, but in any case, the 4th of July for many dancers, teachers, and studios means it’s time to start working on music for the upcoming season.

Just thought I’d share this tidbit, that comes courtesy of my girlfriend, dance teacher extraordinaire Lesley Lambert, for finding that hidden gem of a song… you know, that one you hear at a dance comp, and can’t believe that no one else is using this amazing song. Here’s one way to do it:

Go to Spotify or Pandora or iTunes Radio, and play a song that you really like. Then turn it into a radio station, and you’ll have a whole bunch of similar songs, many of which you may have never heard of before. Give them a listen, and pick out the gem for your next routine!

Happy hunting and happy independence day!

Selecting songs for dance competition

Looking for a fantastic song for your next dance routine? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our listings of great songs for dance routines in the styles of:  JazzTapLyricalContemporaryMusical Theater, and Kid-Friendly Hip Hop. You can also browse our Legitmix catalog below. If you have a song that needs to be edited for dance competition or recital, Squirrel Trench Audio is ready to get it done for you. Click here for a custom remix order form.

What makes a good song choice for dance competitions?

• a great beat
• appropriate tempo
• fits the dance student
• fits the style of dance
• the teacher enjoys it too (since he/she is going to hear it 500 times during rehearsals!)
• it’s not overused in dance competitions and recitals

How can you find songs that are off the beaten path? Here are several ways:

• Check out the Song Selections for various dance styles on this site
• Go to iTunes or iTunes radio, and find songs you like. Browse other songs and artists that iTunes suggests are similar
• Go to Spotify or Pandora.com and start a new “channel” with a song you like, and see what songs it puts into the playlist of that channel
• Go to dance.net and check out song ideas offered by other dance teachers, or dancemom.com

You can also find songs and unique remixes with cleaned lyrics, already edited (cut) to routine length in Squirrel Trench’s Legitmix catalog:

Get more Squirrel Trench remixes at Legitmix

Happy dancing!