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Proud to sponsor YPAD’s new memberships

ypad-logo-webI am proud to be an Advisory Panel member of the organization Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (YPAD). YPAD has just launched a membership option to further their mission to educate dance choreographers, studio owners, teachers, parents, and competition owners about the harmful effects of creating hypersexual routines for students.

And therefore, it is natural that Squirrel Trench Audio, your source for clean edits and remixes for dance studios worldwide, would be among the first to help sponsor YPAD’s new membership levels. In this exclusive opportunity, becoming a YPAD member will give you a discount of 10% off all of the clean music in the Squirrel Trench-Legitmix catalog. (There are currently more than 300 clean edits and remixes in the catalog, and more are frequently added.) Becoming a YPAD member will not only help further YPAD’s education mission, and get you other benefits, but it will also enable you to buy your competition and recital clean edits and remixes at a 10% discount.

Learn more about YPAD Membership here, and then make the purchase to get your Squirrel Trench-Legitmix discount code!

Check out the Squirrel Trench Audio catalog of clean edits and remixes on Legitmix:

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You can view clean edits and remixes by dance style here.

Honored to be an Advisory member to Y.P.A.D.

YPAD-Circle-SealThe organization Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (Y.P.A.D.) recently came to my attention via tap dancer Kaelyn Gray. Kaelyn was upset by some dance routines displayed on YouTube where very young dancers (younger than 10 years old) are seen performing with overly sexualized costuming, music, and choreography.

Y.P.A.D’s mission is to educate dance teachers about the lasting psychological harm of creating overly sexualized routines for young boys and girls. Y.P.A.D. founder, Leslie Scott, has been conducting educational workshops for dance studios for several years.

It is with great honor for me to announce that I have been selected to join the advisory panel of Y.P.A.D. It’s an excellent fit for me since I am a parent, and as a musician/audio engineer, one of the most common requests for music editing that I receive is to remove objectionable language from otherwise great songs. I am also honored to help spread the word about this excellent and needed organization, whose mission is to protect young people in the dance world.

My profile and background is located on Y.P.A.D.’s web site here: Morriss’ background

I hope that one day, all dance studios will become Y.P.A.D. certified, and all dance competitions will become so as well. It’s time to end over-sexualization of young girls and boys in the dance world.

To help avoid inappropriate material from being used for students’ dance routines, nearly all songs in my Legitmix catalog have had all of their objectionable lyrics removed or obscured. Oftentimes, while some lyrics may technically be clean enough for the radio, they are not clean enough to use as foundations for dance routines by youngsters. Here is where these clean songs can be found:

Squirrel Trench Audio catalog on Legitmix

Hip Hop in particular often has music with explicit lyrics. Here is a subdivision of the clean music I have available on Legitmix:

Clean music for hip hop

The most popular song to date has been my clean version of Uptown Funk. More full-length clean songs can be found here:

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