Competition season is upon us!

Competition season is just about to get underway! (or maybe it already has for you!). Now’s a great time to listen to your songs with a fresh perspective and see if there are any squirrel trenches in there that could take the judges out of the moment from fully appreciating your dance routine. If you have one or two in your song, send it to us at Squirrel Trench Audio. In most cases we can create a smooth and seamless song without changing the timing of your originally edited version. We know that now is NOT the time to be messing with re-choreographing….. your dance is your dance at this stage of the year. Just know that it’s not too late to fix it!

And knowing that budgets are tight and entry fees need to be paid… we’re running a special discount… the next three songs we receive to fix up and make perfect for competition will only be $30 for the editing! (Songs delivered online; CDs extra)

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