If you are looking for music that has already been edited for dance routine length, view our Squirrel Trench Archive spreadsheet listing.

If you are looking for a custom remix or edit, start the ball rolling by filling out the form below. I will acknowledge receiving your instructions and will verify your price. ($39 for a more complex single song edit, $29 per song if sending more than one; prices are higher if it’s a remix or medley; see below.)

Music edit/remix request form


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When you have a song you’d like edited or cut to dance length professionally, fill out the form above, or shoot me an email (morriss@squirreltrenchaudio.com). I have years of audio editing and remixing experience, and provide routine-length music for nationally recognized dance studios all over the U.S. and the world. All Squirrel Trench-edited or remixed music is done with the utmost care, precision and musical artistry. In addition to editing, cutting, and remixing songs for dance routines, I also edit and remix songs for figure skating routines, instrumental-only songs for gymnastic floor routines, and edit and remix karaoke (instrumental-only) songs for vocal/musical theater competitions and recitals.

I provide the finished song to you as a high quality mp3 file in an online private folder. You can listen to it instantly anywhere you have an internet connection!

Just let me know the song/artist; and who the dance is for (dancer’s age; solo/duo or group), the desired length, and the desired time target: on the shorter side for younger dancers (2:00-2:20) and tap routines, or on the longer side for groups or older dancers (2:25-2:50). Also let me know if you want the original song sped up, slowed down, or the same tempo as the original. After getting payment, I’ll send you back a polished song, perfect for your next dance routine!

The editing fee is $29 ($39 for more complex songs), payable in advance via PayPal.

In addition to these type of “regular” seamless song edits, I also love creating new music remixes. These remixes take longer to create, so pricing is based on what you want to accomplish; in the range of $59-$149 depending on complexity.

Samples of custom mixes created:


An exciting four-minute remix for a production by Desiree’s Dancers in David City, Nebraska:

From 2:25 to 3:36 in this clip, is an original electronic/techno orchestration of Le Cygne by Camille Saint-Saëns, created as a custom mix for international Acrobatic Pole champion Rafaela Montanaro:

Here’s a fun swing and rock remix of Aerosmith’s Walk This Way:

Happy dancing!
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