Fix your music in time for Nationals

Here it is, the middle of March, and most dance studios have started their competition season, or may even be nearing the end of their regional competition season. You’ve spent months and months rehearsing your number. Everything is looking great. But does the quality of your music match up with the quality of your winning routine? Is the audio as perfect as the dance moves?

If not, it’s not too late to have your music fixed in time for your next competition, or certainly in time for nationals. The sooner you get your music fixed, the more time you’ll have to straighten out any slight changes that might be needed to correspond with the improved song. You certainly don’t want to go into Nationals with a song that has been altered even slightly from what the dancers are used to, so now is the time to have your music perfected, so that you still have perhaps another Regionals or two to perform it, and many more rehearsals before Nationals.

If your music has a hiccup, burp, glitch, drop out, fade out, or any number of other imperfections, we can fix it for you, and (depending on how severe the glitch is) retain the timing of the original music so that you don’t have to re-choreograph anything. If you have a fade-out, but the original music has an ending, we may be able to work it in correctly so that your dancers get applause at the end of their number instead of awkward silence.

If you’re not sure if your music needs fixing, or can be fixed, please feel free to email me so I can listen to your song. There is no charge for this consultation.

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