We’re so pleased that Squirrel Trench Audio has received so many compliments over the past several years. Highlights are included here. If there hasn’t been a new testimonial posted in a while, that’s because we’re so busy creating new remixes, we haven’t had a chance to update this page.

“A huge thank you to Squirrel Trench Audio for their fast and professional service. You have saved me many hours of editing. So many amazing cuts and songs to choose from! This site is a dance teacher/choreographers dream come true!”

—Maggy Elias Sonoski, September 3, 2017

“Thank you so much! I’m going to continue browsing your mixes- you’re SO much more affordable than other sites and save me all of the time in editing. What you’re doing is great- thanks again.”

— Heather Closson, Dance Instructor
Ratio Dance, Auburn IN, August 28, 2017

“You totally ROCK!!!! Wow, thanks so much Morriss! I’ll be in touch with more … this resource is a serious lifesaver. I have shared it with all of my instructors. I am so much more excited to pick music than I have ever been. It’s usually so daunting and stressful. Game changer!

Thank you for being so generous and helpful!”

—Ashley Kohl, Creative Director
Ohana School of Performing Arts, July 22, 2017

“Wow! Thank you so so much! I cannot express how grateful I am that I don’t have to tell 15 parents their girls aren’t performing tonight. I’ll certainly use your services in the future!”

—Brianna Hafen
America’s Kids in Motion, May 6, 2017

“You are freaking AMAZING!!! This is PERFECT!!!!!”

— Diane Gans, studio owner
Kansas Dance Academy, January 4, 2017

“I have spent a few weeks searching and listening…. You have an amazing site [on Legitmix]. I have been out of the dance field for nearly 5 years so this was educational for me in catching up with some of the newer songs and artists. It’s been entertaining me for weeks now! I used to spend hours listening to music, marking edits and then working with a professional to get those edits done. You make this so easy at a fraction of the time and a fraction of the price. Thank you!”

— Leann Garth, dance educator, Virginia
member of the Facebook group Dance Teacher Network
October 18, 2016

“Throwing a shout-out to THE Morriss Partee…..dang he is amazing at his job.

Yesterday I had a piece debut for the first time, a dark tap piece that I had never seen in costume (or even began the cleaning process for that matter) so I was a little worried it would blow up in my face…..Plus, I edited it myself and it was an original fade-out song which I really hate for tap, so I put a very lack-luster ending note on there that was just displaced and boring.

The kids ending up smashing it and it ended up the top scoring 13 and over routine of the weekend (Happy surprise!) I thought if it was going to be that good it definitely deserved a stronger ending…..so I messaged Morriss Partee and not even an hour later my email had a new edit ….. GUYS. Holy cwap. He literally manufactured the same instruments in the song, using 3 different grand pianos, an orchestra of violins……he went ahead an “polished” the entire track for me to make it sound sparkly and new again, since I had sped up the music tremendously to fit the speed of my taps. The new ending is perfection and intense!!!!

I love people who are passionate at what they do and share it! Thanks so much Morriss for being there for me and for delivering nothing but the best!!! GOOOO MORRISSSSSS!!!! ‪#‎kickballchangejazzhand‬ “

— Kaelyn Gray, tap choreographer
Expressions Dance Theatre, Crescent Springs KY
& founder Tap Dance Tutorials/#bringtaptothepeople
February 8, 2016

“Just wanted to drop a note of thanks again. My team just had their last comp on Sunday and placed 3rd out of 10 in their division, which was the first time we have placed. The girls were very proud of themselves!

Thanks again for the great music mix! It was perfect. 🙂
Have a great day!

– Nicole Broman, dance teacher
STEPS Performing Arts Center, Lindenhurst, IL
January 13, 2016

“Omg. I am speechless. This is literally perfect and flawless. And yes, the second time you have made me tear up with not only relief from me having to do the impossible edit, but for you making it sound so amazing that it literally inspires me as a choreographer. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much appreciation and respect I have for you. Thank you.”

– Nadine DeLoughy, dance teacher
Dance Etc, Newtown, CT
October 14, 2015

“Ladies and gents can I just brag on Morriss Partee for a minute…. He (in less than 3 hours) took a 5 minute song and cut it to 3 minutes on the nose without loosing a single important part of the lyrics.. He is amazing and I can’t wait to work with him again! Thank you so much Morriss!!!!”

– Elizabeth Lisa Amy Irvine, dance teacher
Elite Feet Studio, Frederick MD
October 4, 2015

“This is absolutely incredible!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!! I absolutely love the awesome intro and how you mixed through the transitions to make them so smooth- it builds well, has plenty of dynamics and it’s so fun!!! (And my kids will still be able to count the music through the transitions- that is key! Haha!) You are THE BEST!!!! I cannot even tell you how excited I am!!!!!!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!”

– Brittni McAlister, dance teacher
Harpeth Hall, Nashville TN
August 11, 2015

“WOW!!! That sounds perfect! Thank you so much I’m super impressed. I am so eager to get started on choreography now. Thank you very, very much. Any time I come across an IMPOSSIBLE song like this I now know exactly who to go to. Have a great week!!”

– Katie McMann, dance teacher
Steppin’ Time Performing Arts, Cyprus TX
August 3, 2015

“We absolutely loved all of our music you created for us. 🙂 Music of the Night won an overall highest scoring group/production and 1st place at Nationals. All of our music sounded amazing and we received great judges comments on all of our mixes and cuts. Thanks again!”

– Joleen Sanders, studio owner
Starz of the South, Vancleave MS,
July 5, 2014

I love it, and my daughter keeps saying, ‘That is sooo cool!’
It is perfect!”

– Delilah Hodge, dance parent
after hearing her finished custom remix for her daughter’s solo
January 6, 2014

“We can’t thank Morriss Partee enough from Squirrel Trench Audio for his mixing and mastering prowess on our new album, which comes out tomorrow. If you or your organization ever needs some audio mixing and mastering assistance, he’s your guy!”

– The Disclosures,
Dec 9, 2013

“Thanks Morriss! I love it!!!! You will definitely have a repeat customer! Thank you for giving so much attention to the details- you created a lot of depth with this piece of music.”

– Whitney Durham, studio co-owner
after hearing her finished custom Pom remix
1852 Dance, Lexington, TN
Nov 6, 2013

“Oh my goodness, this is PERFECT!! You are a genius! Thanks so much!”

— Dance Parent, Rockford IL
after hearing Michael Jackson edit for her 7-y-o tapper
August 21, 2013

Just wanted to let you know that our opening number is AWESOME!!! The music is perfect! I’ll be sure to post it on you tube when the DVD’s are in this summer 🙂 thanks again!

— Miss Kimberly, dance studio owner at
Dance for Joy, Brielle, New Jersey
April 14, 2013

“NAILED IT!!!! I am soooooo happy it is literally perfect! EXACTLY what I had in mind! I am so excited, the girls are going to freak out. Thanks a million, I really appreciate your help and creativity! You are great! So glad I found you! Thanks again!!!!”

— Daysha Pedersen, choreographer,
Cedar City/Salt Lake City UT
January 16, 2013

“Hi Morriss! Thank you so much! It’s perfect! You are definitely the best at what you do! The choreographer said you are amazing and that she can’t believe you were able to do it so that it blended so well and didn’t even sound like it had been cut. Not to mention how fast you are at getting it done too. Talk to you again the next time we need some music cut. 🙂 Have a great New Year!”

— Andria,
dance parent at On Stage Dance Studio, Cedar City, UT
January 1, 2013

“Had Sav’s ballet solo music edited by Squirrel Trench Audio (A DMOY prize).  He did an AMAZING job!  Sav’s ballet teacher was thrilled and impressed!

— Savgirlsmom,
Dance Mom of The Year contest winner
November 1, 2012

“Just listened once through- I Love it and am so glad I found you!!!  I have more mixes to send your way if you can do them!! Thanks again!  Psyched we can work together.”

— Nicole K., studio owner,
Rhythm Dance Company, Massachusetts
September 28, 2012

“Absolutely fantastic! We love the twist at the beginning! And perfect timing, too – DD’s first solo practice is tonight :). Can’t wait for the choreographer to hear your version.

Thank you so much. The editing is flawless. It makes a huge difference having someone who is also familiar with dance to cut the music.”

— Meg T., dance parent, Kentucky
June 20, 2012

“Thanks Morriss, these turned out fantastic.  We will be recommending you to everyone we know.”

— Jeff V., parent of a competitive
pageant singer, Arizona
June 13, 2012

“MORRISS!!!! That is PERFECT!!! I can’t thank you enough!! I love it!! Thanks to you, they will have a great dance and hopefully place high in competition!! I will be using you for all my music needs! Thanks again!!!”

— Miss Dori, dance teacher at
Columbia Dance Academy, Tennessee
March 23, 2012

“You are a rock star! This is amazing! I can not wait to see her rock out on stage to this version!”

— a dance mom in Texas,
December 17, 2011

“Oh my goodness!  This is great! I can’t wait to have her listen when she gets home from school today.  I will have her bring it to gym and see what the coach thinks about timing.  I’m sure it will be great.  Thanks so very much! That was fast!”

— parent of a gymnastic student in Ohio,
who needed a music edit/remix for a floor routine
October 11, 2011

“Amazing! Thank you so much!”

dance mom in TX,
contestant for Dance Mom of the Year on dancemom.com
in regards to repairing lyrical music that had two glitches
February 24, 2012

“It sounds great; I love your work! Everything sounds SOOO good! You’re a pro and I’m so glad that you can read my mind 🙂 I can tell that you have a very strong background in music and dance and I really appreciate it. I am so glad that we found you. Even though there are ways to record and cut music at home, nothing compares to a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing! THANKS again!!”

— Miss Daysha, dance teacher at
On Stage Dance Studios, Cedar City Utah
February 22, 2012

“Thank you so much for the music!! You really did a great job.  I will definitely use you in the future.”

— dance parent at
On Stage Dance Studios, Cedar City Utah
February 3, 2012

“Sooo much better! I love it…….”

— Miss Sheila, dance studio owner at
Dizzy Dancin, South Carolina
after having her medley mastered for loudness improvement
January 31, 2012

“Thank you so much. Both versions sound fabulous. I really appreciate it! I will definitely be using you for future projects … great work. Much appreciated.”

— Miss Jacqui, dance studio owner at
Jacqueline’s School of Dance, Toronto, Canada
December 12, 2011

“Thanks for your great work.”

— Miss Kristie, gymnastics teacher in
Westfield, Massachusetts
December 5, 2011

“Thank you! It’s perfect….I’ll be sending some more requests soon.”

— Miss Kimberly, dance studio owner at
Dance for Joy, Brielle, New Jersey
November 2, 2011

If you want your music to get this kind of reaction, we’d love to deliver it for you. Check out our Music Editing/Remixing Services.

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